I am Adithya Mohandas, pursuing Travel and Tourism at Mohawk, since September, 2017.
Back in India, I was involved in the animal husbandry business. Here, I initially did renovation work and then switched to a security job. My hobbies/interests include sports, world politics, animals and travel. I have captained sports teams and spearheaded a formation of a kennel, during my school years in India. I am running for student government because I believe I am blessed with leadership/social skills, received from my time in India, a staggeringly diverse nation. Mohawk has a wonderful campus, but progress is endless. Complacency/stagnancy should never creep into any forward minded organization. I would like to instill more transparency, make the structure more inclusive and increase awareness about the responsibilities/roles of MSA.

I am a Travel and Tourism student in first year. I have previously worked for Gap Inc. and David’s Tea as a key holder. I have been a leader at work, as well as in my high school years as a Prefect. I am running for student government so that I may have a positive influence on other students and help make the school a better place. I would like to see students have an opportunity to feel more involved in our school decisions on all matters.

The Business Director represents the students in the School of Business and is their voice on the MSA board. They are also responsible for managing the school rep system within all Business programs.