VP Health Sciences

The VP Health Sciences is the ultimate voice of the students at the Health Sciences Campus. This MSA board member also manages the Student Rep system at the campus.

My name is Varun Dawra. I am in the Cardiovascular Technology program (2017-2019). Currently, I am working as a security guard, access control, where I greet people and protect their property. I have eight month’s experience as a customer service representative in Allen and Wright (A&W) food court. My hobbies are playing basketball and I love to help people. I am always curious to guide students with their difficulties. I was one of the top students in my high school and whenever another student needed help, I helped them by teaching them and making things understandable. Since high school I had a keen interest in being part of such an organization and wanted my college and my mates to collectively progress. I would like to improve certain things which will be beneficial for students and satisfy the rules of the college.

Hello, my name is Samira Malik and I’m a first semester Practical Nursing Student. One of my interests includes researching resources available within Hamilton for individuals going through a mental health crisis.

Some past leadership experiences include volunteering for campaign teams during my time at McMaster University and a representative with Shinerama in support of Cystic Fibrosis. Currently, I am an executive member for an anti-bullying initiative at McMaster.

I have decided to run for Student Government as I have always been passionate about student advocacy. I would like to be the representative for Health Sciences students, so I can voice our concerns collaboratively.

Although the reputation of Mohawk is one of outstanding academia and civic engagement, there are still room for improvements. With the large quantity of students and lack of space in the IAHS building, it is quite evident that we lack study spaces, lockers, and even outlets.